Artist-Painter JEAN Fernand




JEAN Fernand Story

Artist representing his world with different styles, JEAN Fernand exercises his art since his schoolboy days. Already, when child, in the playground, the nude portraits didn't have any secrets for him.

A taste for the drawing taking over his grandfather who was a painter and he cultivates his talent with the time to flower. After many years of work in atelier, this artist of talent emancipates in his painting while facing at the motif.

The nature, its lights and its fragrances, open him new doors. The senses awakening, when he listens to the music too. Amateur of jazz, the melody inspires him to whole canvases on the theme of the musicians.

Other source of inspiration, other theme. When he journeys and stays on the seaside, sees the carnival.... the artist expresses the marines floating between representational and abstract.



Artist number in ‘‘Maison des artistes’’: J002635

Born in Orly, France on 19th November 1948

Price listed on Bijutsu Shijo 「美術市場」, on Akoun, on ArtPrice.

Selected Painting Collection:

Glass Museum in Trélon 2005
City Hall of Lézignan Corbiéres : 2005
City Hall of Vert le petit 2003
City Hall of Montlhérie 2003
City Hall of La Ville du bois 2001
City Hall of Nozay 2000
Church of Nozay (Christ on the Cross 1992)
City Hall of Monthlér City Hall of Nozay
City Hall of la ville du bois
City Hall of De Vers le Petit

Selected Sculpture Collection:

City Hall of Jobourg 2006
City Hall of Longpont sur Orge 2006
City Hall of Longjumeau 2005
Etreaupont Festival 2005
L'Abbaye de l'Ouye 2005
City Hall Mairie de Dourdan 2005
City Hall Maire de Vervins 2004
City Hall Mairie de Frenay l’Évêque 2004

First prize of painting at the Salon :

Moigny sur École
Choisy le roi
Saint Vrain
Marolles en Hrepoix
Guigneville sur essone
Brunoy Monttlhéry
Choisy le roi

Guest of honor to the Salon :

Saint Pierre de Perray 2013
Moigny sur École 2010